birth photography & videography

When you look back on your birth experience – whether that birth happens in the hospital or birth center, at home or in the OR – I hope you feel strong. And I (truly) believe that the evidence contained within the images and/or films that document that experience will help make that a reality.

Because you'll see that you had courage in your most vulnerable and uncertain moments. Because your partner will see the irrefutable evidence that they were there for you when you needed them most. Because you (and your child, 15 years down the road when they're minorly impossible) won't be able to ignore how much love they were born into. Because sometimes, just witnessing those difficult, even traumatic moments can help heal you.

How can I serve you?

  • Being your birth-savvy friend (and certified doula) you can text with alll your questions and concerns.
  • An hour-ish prenatal visit to go over your birth preferences, and prepare together for the birth journey ahead.
  • Being absolutely READY to attend your birth at any time during your on-call window (usually 38 weeks till babe comes).
  • Being a calming, familiar friend in your birth space as you and your partner walk through the unknowns to meet your babe.
  • Discreetly documenting the experience (photography and/or videography-wise) for you to honor and remember once labor land has worn off.
  • Hands-on support (usually for you) and direction (usually for your partner) as needed using my doula skills.
    • Psst. As a certified doula AND certified birth photographer, I'm welcomed into most birth spaces (hospital, birth center, or home birth), and want to give you the support AND documentation you crave.
  • Postpartum friendship and connection with resources as you navigate alll the new shifts and adjustments as a newly grown family.
  • Professionally edited, impactful, and meaningful art, featuring your family
  • Professional guidance as you decide how to use that art to honor this once-in-a-lifetime experience (do those images belong in an heirloom album on your coffee table? on your wall? your phone? shared with friends and family?)

Sound about right? (Or are you curious?) Fill out the interest form below, and I'll reach back out to you and we'll figure out your next steps forward to an empowering, honored birth experience!

Motherhood Services Interest Form

*important note

It is my privilege to offer bereavement sessions to families of special babes who are born sleeping, with a terminal diagnosis, or otherwise have been given an all-too-brief time with their families – all free of charge, my gift to them during this life-changing time. I believe that all parents should have images of their precious children to treasure and remember them by.

Please, if you or someone you know could benefit from this, don’t hesitate to reach out however feels most comfortable: here on the website, via email –, Instagram - @kmcentirephotos, or Facebook - Kaitlyn McEntire Photography.