I believe that being able to look back on your birth story – whether that birth happens in the hospital or birth center, at home or in the OR – is empowering. As your birth photographer, I want you to have these images to remember your strength and courage in your most vulnerable and uncertain moments. I want your partner to have evidence that they were there for you when you needed them most. I want your child to be able to see these and know that they came into your family so incredibly loved. I even want to give you the chance to look back on the most difficult, even traumatic moments, and let witnessing them help heal you.

Birth photography starts at $1500*, and includes:

  • Professional, emotion-filled, and empowering documentation of your birth experience - the support you receive from your partner and birth team, your courage and work, meeting your babe(s) for the first time, and that first, precious golden hour with them as a family.
  • Our prenatal visit together will include time to answer any questions, discuss your birth preferences, and walk through how I can most meaningfully document this experience for you.
  • I’m on call for you 24/7 from 38 weeks onwards, ready to attend and document your birth at a moment’s notice!
  • I’ll plan to arrive at your birth when you’re in active labor (6-7 cm dilated if you choose to have your cervix checked), and remain with you for an hour or two after birth while you snuggle that fresh babe of yours, breastfeed for the first time (if you choose to do so), and for those first measurements.
    • I also offer dual birth photography AND doula support packages - this allows me to use my knowledge and experience to not only document this important experience, but to fully support you through it!
      • As you might expect, I’m especially passionate about offering this NOW, with many birth spaces limiting support people to the essential. As your doula and birth photographer, I can provide that essential labor support to you and your partner as well as professionally document the experience!
  • Within a few weeks of birth, I’ll come to your home with your birth images and a little postpartum gift to help you transition into this new phase of motherhood!

* ask about my portfolio-building discount!

*important note

It is my privilege to offer bereavement sessions to families of special babes who are born sleeping, with a terminal diagnosis, or otherwise have been given an all-too-brief time with their families – all free of charge, my gift to them during this life-changing time. I believe that all parents should have images of their precious children to treasure and remember them by.

Please, if you or someone you know could benefit from this, don’t hesitate to reach out however feels most comfortable: here on the website, via email –, Instagram - @kmcentirephotos, or Facebook - Kaitlyn McEntire Photography.