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It’s been one WHOLE year since little girl Peacock surprised us all, coming fast and EARLY into the world. One year since I met this precious little family of 3 (+ Hunter and the cats, of course) – when we spent our entire newborn session just in awe with how tiny and perfect she was (go back and see that session and read her story here)! It has been an absolute TREASURE to watch her grow into this character of a still tinsy child, with more personality every time we got together for her milestone sessions.

And it’s just kinda surreal, going back and looking at all these images – from that tiny babe that practically fit inside her dad’s hands to this curious, very mobile skinny “bat babe” (an accurate description, given how much she just LOVES being upside down). She always has that abundant, sometimes crazy but equally adorable dark hair. Her curious, dark eyes got more expressive (and definitely more curious!). 

This little girlie also showed off her new-found skills every time we got together – always skinny, but ALWAYS growing. At 3 months, she was holding her head up for little spurts (and just SO aware). Our 6 month milestone session, she was a rolling over CHAMP (we couldn’t convince her to stay on her back for longer than a few seconds) and I could tell she was just itching to get sitting and standing by herself. She’d nailed the sitting AND the crawling by 9 months (and these ADORABLE dimples just showed up out of nowhere). The walking practice was definitely happening then, and by the time we got together for our belated (thanks to COVID) 1 year milestone session, she was CRUISING. She took us all on a walk up the street to go discover pinecones, showed off her new sandbox, and all of mama’s new pretty plants. Grandma & Grandpa were visiting, so we had to get one big family picture together – and girlie smiled BIG for that!

I am SO grateful for all the time I’ve been able to spend with this sweet family – it really, really has been such a JOY to watch this little babe grow up (and her parents grow into their roles, too!). Thankfully, I’ve been reassured that we’re not stopping all the documenting just cause this precious girl is 1, and I look forward to many years of friendship and watching this little one grow into a fantastic, strong, beautiful human being.

Newborn & one year milestone sessions done at home (Robin’s really made her backyard a GORGEOUS little garden oasis during all this quarantining). All 3 month milestone session images are with girlie in her cute floral onesie, 6 months was our outdoor fall session with girlie in that cute little red vest, and 9 months was at the gorgeous Wild Willow Studio in Salt Lake.

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