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Hello, Friend!

My name is Kaitlyn, and I am a birth and motherhood photographer, videographer, and doula. We're currently living the nomadic life between states, so I serve mamas and families in Denver, Colorado, as well as Davis, Salt Lake, Weber, and Cache Counties in Utah. I'm married to my high school sweetheart, Ben, and we have two sweet girlies: Eleanor and Sofie (their birth stories are here and here).


In my ideal life...

  • I actually complete my ENTIRE to-do list
  • We're close to nerdy friends to play board games with
  • Peanut butter gets on my warm waffle in time to be all melty
  • I find time to read the stack of books sitting on my nightstand
  • Choirs are a thing again, and I get to sing about Christ often (someday, COVID, someday...)

My Why

Eleanor's birth (you can read the full story here) left me feeling both empowered and yet SO alone. Why didn't I say anything when I actually didn't want them to break my water? What if I'd followed my gut and switched providers at 36 weeks?


All the "if's" tumbled around in my head, and, as I processed my birth, I felt a firm, profound PULL to birth work. To serve my fellow mamas and their families by supporting them in their vulnerable spaces. To help others see that birth (and pregnancy and postpartum) is HARD, beautiful, and sacred WORK. To show us all that our transitioning bodies are worth appreciating instead of shaming.


ALL that is why I'm here - I'm here FOR YOU.


The Birth-Nerd Details

  • I trained as a doula with Genesis Birth Co in pre-COVID 2020.
  • I received my certification as a birth photographer through Birth Becomes You post-COVID 2020.
  • Babies are Not Pizzas by Evidence Based Birth’s Rebecca Dekker is one of my favorite birthy books (Evidence Based Birth is the #1 resource I point my clients to).
  • I LOVE the midwifery model of care, and yearn for every family to get that type of family-centered, empowering, informed consent, shared decision making maternity care.
  • I also believe that every birth story is valuable, and, when shared in vulnerability, carries deep power - for yourself, your family, and others walking similar paths.
BBY Certified Birth Photographer

From Here

I'd LOVE to get to know you - your beautiful soul, the family you love, the adventures you're taking! And I would absolutely LOVE to serve you in your motherhood.

Unsure of what I can do for you? Go check out my services, and schedule a one-on-one complimentary consultation so we can figure that out together.

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Hope we talk soon!