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My Philosophy

The motherhood journey - getting pregnant, being pregnant, giving birth, the postpartum and newborn life, all the little (and big) moments afterwards that make your heart swell with how much your whole family grows. For each mama, parent, and child, it’s unique. Transformative. Often equally daunting and joyful. And, despite its frustrations and discomforts, I truly believe that it’s beautiful - stretch marks, leaky breasts, blood, sweat, tears and ALL.

My purpose as your photographer and doula is to help you make this journey an empowered one. I’m here to provide resources and information, to help you see beauty in your authentic, honest self through my lens, and to embrace and acknowledge and honor with you all the work and hard loving that you and your partner put into your beloved family.

What to Expect & How to Book

Step 1 - Reach Out

Simply click the “find out more” button, and fill out the form! I’ll get back to you as soon as I see you’ve reached out with any specific info you want, and get our free, virtual consultation set up!


Step 2 - Let’s meet!

Before we make anything official, we’ll meet for a free consultation. This is our time to get to know each other, see if we’d be a good fit, and answer any and all of your initial questions. If it all feels right, I’ll walk you through each of my packages and help you pick the one that fits your vision and needs best!


Step 3 - Make it official!

Once you’ve decided on your package, we’ll make it all official and reserve your space on my calendar by signing our photography contract and paying the retainer.


Step 4 - Pre-session consultation and/or prenatal visit(s)

Approx. ~2-4 weeks before our session or at ~34 weeks for birth clients, we’ll meet again - typically in your home. This is when we talk through our vision for our time together and what to expect, and I’ll offer suggestions and advice on what to wear as well as answer any questions you might have.

If you’re a doula client, we’ll meet for one or more prenatal visits. This is time for us to practice comfort measures, review education, answer any questions you and your partner might have, discuss your birth preferences, and plan and prepare for postpartum.


Step 5 - Our session(s)/BIRTH DAY

The long-awaited time has arrived! We spend precious time together, and I get to work documenting and supporting you and your family - during a session, that might look like offering gentle direction and suggestions, or just moving around your family as you do what you always do. In the birth space, I'll be there as a member of your birth team to hold space and serve you how you need it most.


Step 6 - Receive your images and/or postpartum visit(s)

After our session, I’ll sit down and hand-pick and lightly edit the images from our session in my classic and natural style. Those will be delivered within 2-4 weeks - polished and ready for you to share on social media and order prints, canvases, and albums for your walls, grandparents, tables, and bookshelves!

Doula clients all receive one or more postpartum visits within the days and weeks after birth. I feel these visits are really important and love giving an extra hand of support during this important - and often overlooked - transition time.

Birth FAQ's

I wrote a whole blog on this - you can read that here!

Long story short, birth is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I believe there is power (and even healing!) in being able to see and process your birth through professional quality images and video. I also feel that birth photography is REALLY difficult to DIY - check out that blog for more on why it’s so difficult!

Birth workers (midwives, doulas, birth photographers, etc.) invest a HUGE amount of time, energy, and money into their work, and are consistently underpaid and undervalued. Unfortunately, that leads to burn-out (imagine waiting, on-call, for a client’s birth for 350+ hours, then spending 36 hours with them, plus all the emotional and physical effort… all making not much more than $1/hour, 2-3 times a month for a year, and mayybe barely meeting your business costs!), and keeps us from having the resources to serve more families!

SO, if you can at all afford it/save for it/make it happen, I’d recommend budgeting at least $1000 for a doula or birth photographer (more if you want someone who’s experienced - $2000-$3000 range is pretty average for an experienced birth photographer!). However (again), most birth workers also truly want to make their services accessible for as many families as they can! So, we usually offer extremely flexible payment plans, gift registries, scholarships (if we can afford it), and are more than happy to discuss bartering/trading of services or products (do you have marketing/website design/accountant skills? Or offer professional art/piano lessons/baked goods/home cleaning/babysitting services on the side? We’re running businesses and families and could probably use what you also offer!) Doulas also can typically accept HSA’s for payment!

If the $1000+ price range is unattainable for your family (payment plans, bartering and all), consider looking for someone who’s new to birth work; doulas and birth photographers often run discounts or model calls for their first few births to help them get certified with a doula organization, build their portfolio, and get experience with birth in general.

YES. Cesarean birth is STILL birth, and, in my opinion, SO worth documenting and supporting. (In fact, I really feel that professional documentation can be EXTRA valuable to c-section families in processing and honoring their births.)

Though COVID does complicate things, doulas and photographers are sometimes still allowed back into the OR. Just talk to your doctor! Tell them how important documentation and/or support is to you, what it would mean to have your doula/photographer with you in the OR, and ask them how they feel about it. If you advocate for yourself and they're open to it, chances are, they'll let me in! (Sometimes they're more open to doula support over photography, since doula support is evidence-based.)

Don't hesitate to reach out about documenting and/or supporting your c-section! I'm happy to talk you through what to say in discussing all this with your OB, and truly want to help you honor your (still sacred and vulnerable) birth experience!

While I do everything I can to be ready to attend your birth at a moment’s notice (aka being “on call” for you 24/7), birth and life are unpredictable, so there’s IS a chance that something will get in the way. If I get sick, have a family emergency, or am currently at another birth, I’ll send a backup photographer and/or doula (who I trust completely to serve you just as much as I would). (See the questions below for how I approach not being allowed into your birth space.)

*With COVID-19, I am particularly careful in selecting and having multiple backups to help protect you and your providers during this sensitive time. This means if I, or any of my backups, have been in contact with someone who’s tested positive, awaiting COVID test results, or display symptoms when you need support, we can stay home, and still make sure you have someone healthy and symptom-free to attend, document, and/or support your birth.

Excellent communication in the weeks and hours leading up to your birth almost always helps me arrive at your birth with plenty of time to document your full story and/or give you the support you need. (Having an excellent birth team that helps you communicate and pay attention to your body and intuition also helps immensely!)

On the off chance that things do go fast AND I can’t get there in time (I can hurry out the door pretty quickly when needed!), I will still come and document the precious time immediately after your birth. After all, I believe a fast/precipitous birth is just as worth documenting and supporting as the more typical, slow birth! I’ll then schedule some time with you later for either a fresh postpartum (“fresh 48”) or other motherhood session to help give depth to your story (and make up - at least a little - for the time we missed together and moments that went un-documented). If I’m your doula, I’ll schedule in an extra postpartum visit or extra time or services to an already planned postpartum visit (processing a precipitous birth can be a bit of a task)!

In most circumstances, I can still accompany you to the hospital from your home or birth center, or from your labor & delivery room into the OR to continue documenting and/or supporting your unique birth experience. If not, we’ll have several backup plans that we’ll discuss during our prenatal meeting. (For example, documenting coming home from the hospital and/or siblings meeting for the first time, sending my camera back with your partner to the OR or into the hospital, or as your doula, offering virtual support.)

Thankfully, many hospitals here in Denver are now allowing either doulas or an additional support person to accompany birthing persons and their partners into the birth space. Where that is the case, I can function as both your birth photographer and doula, switching between the roles (or even doing both at the same time) depending on you and your partner’s needs.

Where your choice of hospital does not allow more than your partner to support you in labor & delivery, there are lots of creative ways to still have your birth documented and supported, and we’ll work together to come up with an option that meets your needs and circumstances! For example, I can come to your home to document early labor and then come document your coming home from the hospital, offer virtual doula support while in the hospital, lend you my backup camera (after a crash course in how to work it, of course) for your partner and hospital staff to use during your hospital stay, and/or I can professionally edit the images and/or video you take while in the hospital (whether on your phone, your camera, or my camera).

I LOVE sharing birth images, and truly believe that there is great power in showing the world (especially other families preparing for birth) what birth can look like. Home births, hospital births, birth given standing or on the operating table - I truly feel that every birth story is meaningful, valuable, and worth telling.

However, how much of your birth you’re comfortable with me sharing (or not sharing) is 100% up to you. This is your story, your birth, and your body! So if you don’t want me to use your birth images on my social media or website, I will absolutely respect that and keep these images private for just you!

Everyone cares about different details and has varying comfort levels with birth and their bodies. I document birth to empower my clients, and have found that what makes birth images empowering is unique to each family! (For some, seeing exactly what their body can do during birth is really empowering, while others value seeing the support they’ve been given more; as my birth photographer colleges say, birth photography is about more than just crowning shots!)

[Just keep in mind that you can always choose not to share, use or even really look at all a certain birth image that you might be unsure about beforehand (for example, your babe crowning or being born, or the first latch at your breast), but I can’t go back in time and get those images if you change your mind later!]

To help me document your story in a way that’s emotionally meaningful and powerful to you, we’ll take plenty of time to discuss your preferences on what I document (and share) during our prenatal consultation.

My Services

Denver Motherhood Photography

Motherhood Photography & Films | starting at $375

aka maternity, lifestyle newborn, fresh 48, postpartum, family and day-in-the-life sessions

  • A lifestyle, authentic, comfortable-feeling approach to the traditional photography experience
    • Expect less posing and more gentle direction and guidance, less awkward smiles and more genuine laughter, snuggles and connection as we document all the little details that you want to treasure, honor, and remember from this stage of life.
  • The pre-session consultation will include time to answer any questions, help clarify our vision for the art we’ll be creating together, and work out wardrobe and other little details.
  • Takes place in your comfortable, familiar home or at another location of your choice (I’m always here with suggestions, of course!)
  • Films are 3-5 minutes long, thoughtfully edited to music, and available to add onto any motherhood session!
Birth Photography Denver

Birth Photography | inquire for current pricing

  • Professional, emotion-filled, and empowering documentation of your birth experience - the support you receive from your partner and birth team, your courage and work, meeting your babe(s) for the first time, and that first, precious golden hour with them as a family.
  • Our prenatal visit together will include time to answer any questions, discuss your birth preferences, and walk through how I can most meaningfully document this experience for you.
  • I’m on call for you 24/7 from 38 weeks onwards, ready to attend and document your birth at a moment’s notice!
  • I’ll plan to arrive at your birth when you’re in active labor (6-7 cm dilated if you choose to have your cervix checked), and remain with you for an hour or two after birth while you snuggle that fresh babe of yours, breastfeed for the first time (if you choose to do so), and for those first measurements.
    • I also offer dual birth photography AND doula support packages - this allows me to use my knowledge and experience to not only document this important experience, but to fully support you through it!
      • As you might expect, I’m especially passionate about offering this NOW, with many birth spaces limiting support people to the essential. As your doula and birth photographer, I can provide that essential labor support to you and your partner as well as professionally document the experience!
  • Within a few weeks of birth, I’ll come to your home with your birth images and a little postpartum gift to help you transition into this new phase of motherhood!

Birth Doula Support | starting at $850

  • Professional physical, emotional, and mental support throughout your birth experience
  • Prenatal visits provide us time to talk through you and your partner’s specific questions, concerns, and fears, practice comfort measures, put together a birth plan, and really connect before your birth!
    • I highly recommend at least 2 prenatal visits for first-time parents.
  • As your doula, I’m here to support you throughout your pregnancy - when you have questions or concerns, you are always welcome to text, call, or email me!
  • Once you reach 38 weeks gestation, I’ll be officially on-call for you, ready to attend and support your birth at a moment’s notice, any day of the week, any time of day.
  • With the first signs of labor, we’ll stay in touch, and I’m here to support you in just the way you need!
    • Typically, this looks like virtual support (via text, call, or FaceTime) until you’ve reached more active “serious” labor, or feel like you need the extra support. Once you give that call, I’ll come to you and be your consistent support throughout your birth and the immediate postpartum - only leaving your side for essentials like bathroom and pumping breaks.
  • All my doula packages include my photography services during the golden hour immediately following the birth (so long as you and baby are stable) to document your fresh new babe.
    • I DO offer packages with BOTH doula support and birth photography. This allows me to tell the complete story of bringing your baby into the world - something I feel is deeply powerful and meaningful during postpartum and beyond!
  • During the days and weeks after your birth, I’ll come to your home for our postpartum visits.
    • These visits are opportunities to talk through and process your birth, get a little break however you need it (whether that’s holding babe so you can nap or shower or just sitting and being an adult you can talk to!), and check-in on how you’re doing with recovery and caring for your child.
    • As your doula, I’m still here to help provide resources, answer questions, and be a helping hand throughout your fourth trimester!

**Important Note**

It is my privilege to offer bereavement sessions to families of special babes who are born sleeping, with a terminal diagnosis, or otherwise have been given an all-too-brief time with their families – all free of charge, my gift to them during this life-changing time. I believe that all parents should have images of their precious children to treasure and remember them by.

Please, if you or someone you know could benefit from this, don’t hesitate to reach out however feels most comfortable: here on the website, via email –, Instagram - @kmcentirephotos, or Facebook - Kaitlyn McEntire Photography.


Birth Branding Photography | starting at $150

  • I LOVE serving my fellow birth workers, and offer my branding sessions at a special discounted rate to help more of your ideal clients see, connect with, and trust the face and soul behind your business - ultimately, so more people can get the service only YOU can give!
  • This is unique to each birth worker’s needs & budget, and could look like:
    • Headshots
    • Setting up a mock birth (or prenatal/postpartum visit, breastfeeding consultation, class, etc.) to provide you with individualized, branded images to use in all your marketing materials (website, social media, client guides, etc).
    • Hiring me to attend one of your births, appointments, or other event to document you in action.
    • Any combination of the above...
    • Or anything else we can dream up to help you get you and your services seen!