Taylor Family In-Home Session

I scored adding Kurtis & Mel to my family when I married my husband, and I ADORE their entire family. Mel is warm and homey through and through, and it shows in the way interacts with her kids, the way she decorates, and especially how she runs her salon business (Hairapy – aka therapy in salon form). Kurtis is her perfect match – a patient father to their four energetic and curious kiddos, as well as a genius creative, fellow LoTR nerd, and kind soul. And their kids give THE BEST HUGS OF ALL TIME. 

The time came to update their family pictures, and since capturing their children’s real personalities was important to them, I recommended having their family session in their gorgeous home (after all, home is usually where they feel most relaxed and themselves). And I am SO grateful that they trusted me and – despite never having done an in-home session before – went with that recommendation. Everything. was. perfect. Seriously. I wouldn’t be lying if I said that this was my favorite family session TO DATE.

We got those classic, everyone-looking-at-the-camera shots done first, before everyone’s attention was forever lost. But once that was done, we had FUN. The kids set up Jenga, which is a family favorite, and MY, I’ve never seen a more dramatic Jenga game in my life! There were several near topples, a couple near meltdowns, some sweet hugs, and one extremely drawn out, very risky move taken by one Kurtis Taylor. Add onto that tickle fights and snuggles on the couch, and you have ONE PERFECT SESSION.

Right as we were wrapping up and I was about to pack the camera away, I was quickly reminded that I forgot to get the beloved rabbits in on the family pictures! They are, after all, very important members of the family (how could I forget)!

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