We’ve Moved to Colorado Springs: First Impressions and Personal Projects Update

Kaitlyn McEntire Photography has officially MOVED to Colorado Springs, CO! AND, after so many move announcements, I am so excited to announce that we will be staying long-term. (For new faces here, this move from the Salt Lake Valley in Utah to Colorado Springs, CO makes 6 separate moves in my almost 6 years of business. It’s been a lot, so settling down somewhere feels HUGE!) Colorado Springs, you have a new photographer! (Yes, I’m reserving session and due dates again for maternity, newborn and family sessions again, and my birth calendar is open again for photography & doula support! I serve birth families as far north as southern Denver, and as far south as Pueblo.)

Our new HOME is an hour drive from both our parents, and we’ve already created some beautiful memories with them. To keep it short and simple, we feel deeply, beautifully good about putting our family’s roots down in this beautiful mountain city. (Bonus: it feels somehow so good to have the mountains – or should I say THE mountain aka Pikes Peak – back in the WEST!)

Testing out the new studio in Colorado Springs with a birthday session for our girls

First Impressions of the Springs

We’ve been here in Colorado Springs for a few months now, and I’ve been slowly connecting with the community here: mom’s play groups, the birth community, others that support loss families, gardening communities (in our OWN backyard – still mind-blowingly exciting and daunting all at the same time), securing my on-call childcare, etc. As I’ve connected, I’ve noticed a few things that are DIFFERENT here.

  1. We don’t really have a strong local community of support for loss families (aka those who experience stillbirth, miscarriage, infant loss, etc.). Yet. As I’ve dug deeper, there are a few people doing really good work here, but it’s not particularly well-known (again, yet!).
  2. We only have ONE local birth center here in Colorado Springs (Beginnings Birth Center), and ONE group of hospital-based midwives (that, as I understand it, are only on-call during business hours M-F). (So if you want a midwife-supported hospital birth, most travel up to Castle Rock – I’ve heard HIGH praise of Amy & Brianna at Lone Tree OBGYN!)
  3. I only found a handful of birth photographers here! Thankfully the ones I’ve connected with so far are AMAZING so I can confidently jump back on-call for births with them as my backups.

All of that feels like an ADJUSTMENT; Utah had such a strong loss community, and an abundance of birth centers and hospital midwives and birth photographers (at least comparatively it seems)! But, it’s also been a MOTIVATION to do some things to change what I can. Here are a few projects I’m currently working on that I want to share with you!

Kaitlyn’s Current Projects

Start a NEW Facebook Community for Pregnancy/Infant Loss Parents

Step 1: create more support and resources for loss families here in Colorado Springs. I’ve started by finding and interviewing whatever non-profit organizations I can find that provide bereavement support and photography services to families experiencing pregnancy & infant loss. What exists out there already? Would anyone be able to support me in creating something here (cause adding to and supporting existing non-profit work seems easier and smarter than creating something new!)? The answer so far is a solid maybe. I’ve still got a few interviews scheduled with several people/organizations in the next few weeks, and I’ve learned a lot about what goes into a sustainable, meaningful bereavement non-profit organization, and how to support volunteer work in such an emotional, sensitive sphere.

While I’m figuring out the best path forward, I’ve created a new Facebook community (group) for loss families here in Colorado Springs! We had a really active, supportive one back in Utah run by Share Parents of Utah, and I’ve seen firsthand the power of simply knowing that there’s a safe place where you can share your grief, and know that you’re not alone. Community if powerful!

To help build that community, I’m looking for founding families – those who will help us start the group off well, and create meaning for this community. SO! If you or someone you know a) lives in the Colorado Springs area, b) is a loss parent (experienced stillbirth, miscarriage, infant loss, specifically), and c) wants to connect with and make a difference to others like them, please come JOIN (or invite them to join): https://www.facebook.com/groups/losssupportcoloradosprings/

Some Basic Research into Bereavement Photography & Support

Part of realizing the gap of support for loss families here in the Springs has also brought back to the surface a deep pull to expand meaningful bereavement photography to families experiencing stillbirth, miscarriage, and loss. I’ve connected with quite a few bereavement photographers over the years (most who, like me, choose to offer their services privately vs with Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep), and we’ve had some really good conversations in Facebook group #2 (a group for Bereavement Photographers) that I’ve started the past few months.

Part of knowing how to move forward in getting meaningful bereavement photography to more loss families is understanding what is meaningful in the eyes of loss families. So, I’m doing a little basic research with a simple survey for any parent who’s lost a baby and taken pictures (either amateur/with a phone themselves or with their nurse, or had a professional photographer/organization come and take photos of and with their baby).

If that’s you, please share your experience with the support you received (or didn’t) and how you feel about the pictures you have with and of your angel babe(s) HERE. (There’s also space for you to recommend resources for other loss families, i.e. books, podcasts, blogs, organizations, etc.)

Collecting Nominations for the BEST OB’s, Midwives & Doulas in Colorado Springs

While we don’t seem to have a strong hospital midwife group, I have heard a lot of wonderful things about many! So, I’m collecting nominations for the BEST Colorado Spring’s OB’s, Midwives, and Doulas to feature here on the blog. Nominate your provider(s) by April 20th, 2024: HERE!

BONUS: I’ll be running a giveaway for a motherhood/parent session (including the full gallery, session will be here in Colorado Springs in May) from those who submit nominations (aka you must nominate someone and leave your contact info above to be entered). Details in the link above!

UPDATE: The 2024 Nominations were a fantastic success! Read the summarized results HERE (with links to more detailed ones in that post).

Embracing Pregnancy Project

There’s always an in-between waiting period or slow season after moving; it takes time for people to know you, for you to know them, and to develop that trust (yes, I’m a legit business, am reliable, provide the experience I say I do, etc.) Though that’s hard (imposter syndrome always pops up!), it’s also given me space for my personal creative projects – the Embracing Pregnancy Project is one of them!

The Embracing Pregnancy project documents and embodies the feel of embracing the changes of pregnancy: the emotional and physical growth, the hard, the joyful. Think intimate, movement, softness and connection.

To help me with this project, I DO need help from a pregnant person and family! I’m specifically looking for a family that:

  • strongly values embracing all of the changes of pregnancy and life (you see the value of being mindful and present)
  • has a home full of both love and light (a room or two with windows on multiple walls with light, neutral tones would be perfect)
  • has a bathroom they love to shower/bathe in (hopefully with your littles, and hopefully with a window or two)
  • is open to also documenting more intimate moments (bare belly and underwear, an herbal bath or shower)
  • welcomes being fully styled (I’ll be bringing clothing for the whole family from my Client Wardrobe to wear)
  • has a due date in April-June (with a bit of flexibility for the right family)

Model experience is not required (a full model release is, though); the most important thing is having a willingness to be authentic and present with a camera present. I’ll be giving the full gallery and film (video) from the project in return for your time (a $2000+ value)!

To apply to help me, simply email Kaitlyn at hello@kaitlynmcentire.com with your name, expected due date, where home is (zip code/cross streets inside the Springs, city outside), and a picture of your family and home. (Feel free to share this blog, or reach out to Kaitlyn for a sharable graphic if you’d like to share this with friends and clients!)

To Sum Up

We are so grateful and excited to be here in Colorado Springs, and I’m excited to see how this community will continue to grow! As I close out this share with you, here’s a quick reminder of all the projects happening over here in April (and beyond for some!):

  1. A NEW Facebook community to support loss families here in Colorado Springs; if you’re a loss parent here, come join Parents of Empty Arms in Colorado Springs!
  2. Some basic research into bereavement support and photography so we can better serve loss families. If you’ve lost a babe and/or pregnancy and documented that babe (either professionally or not), please share your thoughts HERE!
  3. Collecting nominations for the BEST OB’s, Midwives, Doulas and other birth professionals in Colorado Springs. Come vote for yours HERE (doulas are also welcome to vote for professionals they’ve worked with as well)
  4. The Embracing Pregnancy Project: if you’re pregnant expecting in April, May or June and this project speaks to you, reach out!

Sending you lots of love this beautiful, sunny-snowy Colorado spring season. Here’s to growth and NEW beginnings.

love, Kaitlyn

I’m Kaitlyn

If you value authenticity, abundance, and community, you’re in the right place.

Kaitlyn is a birth & motherhood photographer, videographer & doula NOW based in Colorado Springs. She gives Colorado families luxurious support and meaningful dual photo-video documentation through their most tender transitions: pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

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