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From our very first video chat, I knew two things: #1. Robin, Jason & I were going to be great friends, and #2. Their little baby girl was going to be VERY loved. The Peacocks had gone through quite the fertility journey to get to this healthy, flourishing pregnancy – loss, multiple miscarriages, unexplained fertility issues. So when they finally got that positive pregnancy test, and their little girl was healthy and strong, they knew it was a miracle. I could FEEL that deep gratitude and excitement as we figured out which parts of this precious – and quite possibly only – journey they wanted to document. The answer? All of it! And we were SO SO excited to honor this journey with a full experience package – we scheduled their maternity session at the Wheeler Farm close by their home right before 36 weeks, worked out the details so I could cover their birth, and had everything in place for a newborn session in their home after their girlie was born. But MY OH MY did this little one have other plans!

It was 2 days before our maternity session, and I was sitting next to my in-laws at my husband’s graduation when my phone buzzed. I glanced down, and saw the words, “Kaitlyn, you aren’t gonna believe this…” and FREAKED. Their little girl had arrived in a WHILRWIND of precipitous labor, just a couple hours beforehand – 5 WEEKS EARLY. I was STUNNED. Thankfully, her little body seemed quite ready for life outside the womb, and she didn’t need any time in the NICU. We FaceTime’d later that day, and talked over the new options. We quickly decided that documenting this early girl’s first year of life instead of her journey coming into the world would be most valuable to them, and thanks to her healthy little body, we got to start with a BEAUTIFUL in-home session the very next week.

And GUYS, when I got there, it felt like I was visiting old friends – even though this was our first time meeting in person. They have this happy ol’ dog, Hunter (who seemed to like me as much as I like him), and OH THIS LITTLE GEM OF A BABY GIRL! She was SO tiny, and SO perfect. Perfect little hands, perfect head of hair, perfect dark eyes, and perfectly ADORING parents. I just love my clients.

Any my, oh my, how tiny this precious girl was! Haha – in fact, everything they had gotten for her was straight up too big! #premiebabe. I succeeded in retying one of her bows around her little head, we swaddled her up in these gorgeous swaddles that her mama had got her, and she was perfect just as she was. 

I loved watching this little family just be together at long last – Jason played his guitar for his girls, Hunter came and said hello, and everyone just looked so at home – especially this baby girl! She was the most content little thing, finally at home in her parents’ arms (like she had been waiting the long, long, years of fertility struggles just as much as her parents had). And though we missed out on that maternity and birth experience together, I am SO excited to watch this girl grow over the next year!

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